Meet Sia
Siaheadshote.jpgSia Xi

My journey in the realm of music commenced at the tender age of 5, and my passion for the piano blossomed into a dedicated career during my studies at Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China. I truly love the works of Chopin, a great piano composer in the Romantic Period. His emotive compositions speak to my soul, and I find myself drawn to the expressive beauty of his music.  With an extensive teaching career spanning over 12 years, I met so many talented and lovely students and I enjoy the time with students talking about music and playing piano together. 

Some of my excellent students have achieved great success in various prestigious competitions including the 2022 International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in China, the 2021 5th Los Angeles International Youth Music Open Competition (Shanghai China District), the 2021 4th Singapore International Piano Competition (Shanghai District), the 2019 Singapore International Youth Piano Competition (China District), the 5th International German Irmler Piano Competition (Shanghai District), and the 2016 StarRiver·10th Chopin International Youth Piano Competition (Amateur Group).