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Lessons and Tuition Information:

Tuition Includes:
♫ 36 private weekly lessons from September to June (All days of the week receive the same number of lessons - Mondays x 36, Tuesdays x 36, etc.)*
♫ Equal Monthly Billing - Auto pay the same amount every month so you know ahead of time exactly what to budget.
♫ 3 Missed Group Lesson Classes - if you need to miss a lesson, we have extra classes throughout the year that you can join! These are a great opportunity for our students to create and have fun with their peers.
♫ 2-3 Performance Recitals each year - Free Admission! Bring along family and friends.
♫ Kiwanis Music Festival practice performances, adjudications and coachings.
♫ Royal Conservatory of Music practice examinations and coachings.
♫ Special Group Workshops available only to Accents Music Learning Centre students. Topics may include song writing, acting, music history, audition and performance tips.
♫ Practice incentives, Music Centre wide challenges, prizes, lesson specific games, printed materials and more! 

* Lesson fees are prorated for students beginning later in the school year.  Please note that some months of the school year will have 3 lessons, other months may have 4 or 5 lessons.  (See school Calendar for closures). 

  • Tuition is auto invoiced and paid in monthly installments.  Invoices are sent and auto payments are applied on the 25th of each month in payment for the upcoming month of lessons. 

Registration Fee: There is an annual Registration Fee of $25 per student.  Any additional family members will be charged a reduced fee of $10.  

Group classes may have different Registration Fees. This fee is used towards Music Centre supplies, prizes, photocopies for students, games, and any other needs for the students.

What if I have to miss a lesson?

Your lesson day and time is dedicated just for you and your teacher is committed to that lesson day and time.  Please notify your teacher of your absence as soon as possible by emailing the music centre at accentsmlc@gmail.com or your teacher's email address.

  • If the student cancels due to illness but would still like to have a lesson from home, the lesson will move to an online lesson format.
  • If an online lesson is not desired or possible, the student will be added to the Missed Lesson Group Class list.  These classes are scheduled 3 times throughout the academic school year for Piano and Voice students.
  • There will be no refunds for late or absent lessons incurred by the student as that spot is allotted to students for the school year.  An online lesson or Missed Lesson Group Class are the only available options for lessons missed by the student.
  • All lessons canceled by the teacher will be made up within the school year during the scheduled flex weeks.
  • Lesson Experience Packages: any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be considered attended. 

Missed Lesson Group Classes: 

  • There will be Piano Group Classes and Voice Group Classes scheduled 3 times throughout the school year.  
  • These classes allow students to come together and learn in a group setting!  Classes may include performance opportunities, music history, harmony singing, ear training, sight reading, games and more!
  • If your child has to miss a lesson, and they are not able to transition to an online lesson, their name will be added to our next scheduled Piano or Voice Group Class and a reminder email will be sent to all participants a week beforehand. Group Class dates and times can be found on our 2022-2023 Calendar Here.

Inclement Weather: If the decision is made to close the Music Centre due to inclement weather, all lessons will move to an online lesson format.  

  • In the event that an online lesson is not possible, there will be no make-up lessons for closures due to weather.  In this case, students will be added to an upcoming Missed Lesson Group Class.
  • The decision to close will be made by 1pm; teachers will contact the families and updates will be posted on our Music Centre Facebook page and Instagram account.
  • Public school closures do not automatically mean that the Music Centre is closed as the weather could shift by the afternoon/evening.

Can I start lessons any time of year?

  • Yes! We are always welcoming new students.  Tuition will be prorated based on your lesson start date. 

Can I try out a music lesson before committing to weekly lessons?

  • We do offer a one time Introductory Lesson for new students wanting to try a lesson and/or students considering transferring to Accents Music who may be seeking an initial Teacher assessment.  
  • Introductory Lessons are $30 for 30 minutes or $45 for 45 minutes.  
  • Introductory Lessons are charged for as our experienced teachers will lesson plan, assess the student, teach an engaging lesson, and offer their valuable expertise!
  • Book your Introductory Lessons Here


Attending your music lessons:

Where is your music centre located and what should I expect when I arrive?

  • Our music centre address is: 183 Portland St. at St. James United Church Hall, Downtown Dartmouth, NS
  • The Church Hall is the brick building directly next to the white Church. 
  • Google Maps location found HERE.
  • For building security, the main doors of the hall may be locked when you arrive. Your teacher will come to the door to greet you when it is time for your lesson and/or the previous student will open the door for you.  
  • Please do not bang on the doors if no one is in the lobby when you arrive as your teacher is teaching a lesson with another student.  They will come to the doors to greet you at your lesson time if the door is not unlocked.
  • There are seats in the main entrance lobby available for parents who would like to wait during the lesson. 
  • When your lesson is finished, your teacher will walk you back to the lobby to say farewell.

Where can I park?

  • There is no parking lot on the church premises.  The small church lot may be used for drop off and pick up only.  Free parking is available in the Moffatt's Pharmacy parking lot directly across the street - access is available from Portland/Canal St.  Parking is also available on Prince Albert St. next to the church.  Please plan for the extra time required to park and walk to the Church Hall entrance when coming for your lesson.  

Can parents and siblings wait inside the Music Centre?

  • There are seats available for parents and siblings in the main entrance way lobby of the Church Hall.

Can parents sit in for the lesson?

  • Parents are always invited into the class room to observe the first lesson or two.  We understand that children may need those couple of weeks to get comfortable on their own in a new environment.
  • Once the child is comfortable, we do recommend allowing the child to attend the lesson on their own.  We know from experience that having a parent in the room every class can impact the behavior of the child and at times, their progress.  Sometimes they want to please their parent, they're concerned about disappointing them, or they become shy.  Part of our job as teachers is to build a trusting, one-on-one relationship with our students and to encourage them to explore their own voice and creativity!
  • If a parent would still like to be present in the room during lessons, we completely respect that.  We ask that you observe from the side and allow the teacher to conduct the lesson as usual.

Is there a bus route that will get me to your Music Centre?

  • There are multiple bus routes that stop directly in front of the Church Hall at 183 Portland St.

Will I need to wear a facemask when I come for lessons?

  • It is the students choice if they would like to wear one while at the Music Centre.  
  • If the student is experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, or if other members of their household are sick, we ask students and visitors to keep a mask on for the duration of their lesson time at the Music Centre.
  • Our teachers will also wear a mask if they are recovering from a cold or flu.

What will I need to take piano lessons?

  • All piano students will need to have a piano or keyboard to play on at home.  If purchasing a keyboard, we recommend an instrument with a full set of 88 weighted/touch sensitive keys and a foot sustain pedal. 
  • Piano students will also need to purchase/bring the method books that their teacher assigns.  Books can be purchased through online retailers or at your local Long and McQuade stores.  
  • Your teacher may require you to purchase and use Accents Music Piano Flashcards and Technique sheets to assist with your learning.
  • All students should have a designated music bag that they store all of their required materials in.  Please always bring a 3 ring binder, pencil and eraser to class.
  • Long and McQuade locations - Dartmouth: 124 Main Street - Bedford: 1717 Bedford Highway - Halifax: 6065 Cunard Street

What will I need to take voice lessons?

  • Voice students will need to purchase/bring the repertoire and method books that their teacher assigns.  Books can be purchased through online retailers or at your local Long and McQuade stores.  
  • Your teacher may require you to purchase and use Accents Music Voice Flashcards to assist with your learning.
  • All students should have a designated music bag that they store all of their required materials in.  Please always bring a 3 ring binder, pencil and eraser to class.
  • Long and McQuade locations - Dartmouth: 124 Main Street - Bedford: 1717 Bedford Highway - Halifax: 6065 Cunard Street

What if I am nervous or feeling anxious about taking music lessons?

  • Please know that you are entering a welcoming, kind and accepting environment.  We will work with you at the pace you are comfortable with.  There is always something wonderful to be gained from studying music.  We will guide you the whole way ☺

Covid Precautions

  • The safety and well being of our students, their families and our teachers is top of mind for us at Accents Music Learning Centre.
  • All surfaces in the Music Centre space and on the piano will be disinfected between students.
  • Before arriving at lessons please ask yourself: Are you or anyone in your household exhibiting any symptoms related to covid-19 (new or worsening cough, fever, runny nose, etc. If you are unsure of symptoms please call 811). 
  • If you, your child, or anyone in your household has or suspects they may have Covid-19, please do not come to the lesson.  Please contact your teacher if anyone in your household has symptoms.  If the student is feeling well enough to do so, we will have a video lesson at the scheduled lesson time.  If doing a video lesson, please be online and ready, with a fully charged device, and all lesson materials.
  • If the student is unable to have an online lesson, they will be signed up for a Group Missed Lesson Class scheduled throughout the year.

Additional FAQ's:

Do your teachers have their Vulnerable Sector and Child Abuse Registries?

  • Yes, all of our teachers have up to date Vulnerable Sector and Child Abuse checks.

Do you offer Gift Certificates for Music Lessons?

  • Yes we do!  Music lessons make a great for a thoughtful and unique gift.  Contact Us to purchase.

Gift Certificate music lessons

Are your Teachers available for performances? 

  • Yes!  Our Teachers have many years of experience as professional performers.  Reach out to discuss having them perform for your company or personal event.  902-932-7062 or accentsmlc@gmail.com

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