Meet Ruby

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Ruby Lopez

I was born here in Nova Scotia and live in Bedford with my family and dog Ellie. I’m currently a pre IB student at Charles P. Allen high school (CPA) where I’m an active participant in the school band and Jazz Ensemble. 

Rubyrecital2.pngI’ve been playing piano since the age of five and I've now been playing for ten years. I’ve always had some sort of musical activity in the background of my life but I didn't connect with any of them as much as I did with Piano. I loved going up to the piano and trying to figure out how to play songs by ear, figuring out the chords and progressions. It was always my dream to be able to go up to a piano and play amazing music for my friends and family without even having to think about it. I also did voice lessons and sang for eight years at the Fall River School of Performing Arts. 

rubykiwanis.pngI’ve participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival for both voice (mainly musical theatre) and piano, placing for both. I also play the bass clarinet and clarinet. I started playing the clarinet for our school band and switched over to playing the bass clarinet in grade nine where we won gold in the Truro Music Festival.

When I’m not teaching or playing piano I enjoy reading, baking, writing and highland dance which I've been doing for 10 years, participating in many competitions. I’m excited to introduce music to young students and to be part of their musical growth

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Ruby is an Accents Music Learning Centre Teaching Assistant for our group classes!  She has completed our Mentorship Program.