Lesson Agreements

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Accents Music Learning Centre - Lesson Agreements


1. Commitment: Each registering student agrees to enroll for a full academic year from September to June (excluding Lesson Experience Packages and Tiny Twinkles). Your annual tuition (paid in 10 monthly installments) includes 36 scheduled weekly lessons, the opportunity to participate in at least 2 performance recitals, missed lesson group classes, lesson planning and administrative tasks for students. 

*Please note that the same number of lessons have been scheduled for each day of the week (Mondays - 36, Tuesdays - 36, etc.). 

● Music lessons require a commitment from both the parent/caregiver and/or the student. Please consider the time needed for lessons, practicing and assignments when enrolling. Open communication with your teacher will allow for them to adjust assignments and expectations. 

● Summer Session: There will be a summer session during the months of July and August. These lessons will be invoiced separately from the academic school year. 

An annual non-refundable registration fee of $25 dollars per student and $10 per sibling is charged once per school year for tuition students. 

For families re-registering for the new school year, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee in June. This fee must be paid to confirm your lesson day and time in the fall. 

2. Payment: Families/students will receive monthly or term invoices via email through our My Music Staff software program. 

● We accept payment via E-transfer or Post Dated Cheques only. No cash payments will be accepted. 

● Monthly payments are due on or before the first day of each month. All payments are non-refundable. 

● A monthly invoice will be issued 14 days before the first day of each month.

● If payment is not received before the first lesson of the month, the lesson and any subsequent lessons will be canceled until payment is received in full. No refunds or individual make ups will be given for these missed lessons. 

● The person registering the student is responsible for paying the monthly invoice. Payment Options: 

1. E-transfer payments - 10 payments sent on or before the first of each month (refer to invoice for amount). 

● If choosing to pay in 3 term payments, You will be invoiced for Sept-Dec, Jan-March, and Apr-June. 

● Send to email address: accentsmlc@gmail.com 

● We are set up for Auto-Deposit so no Question and Answer are required ● Write the full name of the student(s) being paid for in the Note section of the e-transfer 

2. Post dated cheques - 10 cheques (Sept - June) to be given to the teacher at the first lesson (refer to invoice for amount). 

● If choosing to pay in 3 term payments, You will be invoiced for Sept-Dec, Jan-March, and Apr-June. 

● Cheques are to be made out to Accents Music Learning Centre and dated for the first of each month or term (Sept, Jan, Apr). 

● Write the name of the student(s) being paid for in the Note section of the cheques. 

● All cheques must be provided at one time for the cheque payment option to be used. 

● Any NSF/Bounced cheques will be charged an additional $25 fee per occurrence. 

3. Students registered for a Lesson Experience Package are required to pay for the full invoiced amount of the package either by E-transfer or Cheque before the first lesson. Any unused lessons expire 12 months after purchase date. 

3. Missed Lessons: Please do not enter the Music Centre if you or the student are ill. Your lesson day and time is dedicated just for you. Whether you are able to attend or not, your teacher is present and will be paid for their time. 

● If the student cancels due to illness but is still well enough to have a lesson from home, the lesson can move to an online lesson format. 

● If an online lesson is not possible for the student, they will be added to the next Missed Lesson Group Class (see below). 

● There will be no refunds for late or absent lessons incurred by the student as that spot is allotted to students for the school year.

● Please notify your teacher of your absence as soon as possible by emailing the centre at accentsmlc@gmail.com. 

● All lessons canceled by the teacher will be made up within the school year during the 2 scheduled flex weeks (see below). 

● Lesson Experience Packages: any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be considered attended. 

● Group Classes: There are no refunds for classes missed by the student. However, students aged 6 and up may attend a Missed Lesson Group Class scheduled throughout the year.

Missed Lesson Group Classes: Tuition will not be adjusted for lessons missed by the student. As our teachers have full schedules, it is very challenging for them to reschedule missed lessons. If an in-person or online lesson is not possible for the student, a Missed Lesson Group Class will be offered. 

● There will be Piano Group Classes and Voice Group Classes scheduled 3 times throughout the school year. 

● These hour long classes will allow students to come together and learn in a group setting! Classes may include performance opportunities, music history, harmony singing, ear training, sight reading, games and more! 

● Your child’s name will be added to our next scheduled Piano or Voice Group Class by their teacher. 

● A reminder email will be sent to all participants a week beforehand. Group Class dates and times can be found on our 2022-2023 Calendar (on website). ● The Missed Lesson Group Classes will be the only option available for lessons canceled by the student. 

4. Flex Weeks: There are 2 weeks worked into the annual schedule as flex weeks for our teachers if they are sick or have a personal obligation/emergency. Students and families are not charged for these weeks. If a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, they will rebook their students during the flex week. The flex weeks are only to be used for lessons canceled by the teacher. Students missing a lesson due to a personal conflict will be invited to attend one of our Missed Lesson Group Classes scheduled throughout the year. 

The 2022-23 Flex Weeks are: 

Monday, January 30th - Saturday, February 3rd 

Tuesday, June 20th - Monday, June 26th 

5. Inclement Weather: If the decision is made to close the Music Centre due to inclement weather, all lessons will move to an online lesson format.

● In the event that an online lesson is not possible, there will be no make-up lessons for closures due to weather. In this case, students can sign up for an upcoming Missed Lesson Group Class. 

● The decision to close will be made by 1pm; teachers will contact the families and updates will be posted on our Music Centre Facebook page and Instagram. Tiny Twinkles families will be notified before 9am for morning classes.

● Public school closures do not automatically mean that the Music Centre is closed as the weather could shift by the afternoon/evening. 

6. Discontinuing Lessons: Your lesson day and time is yours for the full academic school year. 

● If circumstances require you to end lessons early, please email us at accentsmlc@gmail.com. 

● A decision to discontinue lessons before the end of the year leaves the family/student obligated to pay to the end of the upcoming month of lessons. This agreement guarantees the salaries and schedules of our school’s valued teachers. For example: If giving notice of discontinuing on March 15th, your lessons and payment will end as of April 30th.  This notice also applies to the Tiny Twinkles program.

● Lesson Experience Packages: there are no refunds for packages. Any unused lessons expire 12 months after purchase date. 

7. Lessons impacted by Covid: In the case of a government mandated lockdown, all lessons will move to an online lesson format. If the online lesson format does not suit you, please see the above instructions for discontinuing lessons.